Appraisal Concierge Service

Because Better Service Should be the Norm

24-Hour Live Ordering & Support

You might not need to call us at 2am, but knowing that you can is a nice feature. Why mess around with time zones, or not being able to get a live person if you’re in the office late. Jump on the phone, and we’ll take the call, day or night, weekends included.

24-Hour Turn Time (after inspections)

This is ideal for appraisal management companies or attorneys needing fast turnaround. You need it done when you need it done. We can offer this service, because of our commitment to the highest level of service possible.

One Stop for Whole State of New York

Build a relationship (get comfortable) with our firm for the consistent level of quality. Our system is designed to create consistency & reliability regardless of the locale. We cover the entire state, so you can rely on the same professionalism for every New York real estate appraisal..

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