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Dan Warren

Daniel R. Warren is the President and chief appraiser of New York Appraisers established in 1998. He is a certified New York State Appraiser and has built a network of over a two dozen appraiser across the state in order to serve his clients any area of the state that they conduct business. He has strived to build his business through providing un-paralleled customer service and support and using the most up to date technology to complete and deliver the appraisal report.

New York Appraisers

New York Appraisers located in Saratoga Springs, NY. Is a residential and commercial appraisal firm established in 1998. With nearly two decades of experience, we have completed over 50,000 appraisal assignments spanning over the entire state of New York for numerous local and national lending companies as well as attorneys, government agencies and individuals.

Our Goals

Although the goal is to provide a rock solid appraisal to these organizations and individuals, the ultimate goal is to provide our customers with 24-hour live support. With a staff of nearly two dozen appraisers, we provide you with credible, fast and reliable turnaround. Our sensible pricing, up-to-date technology, and delivery methods as well as thorough communication with you throughout the process. We feel these are the key components to a successful relationship with you.

Our Experience

We also know that without an accurate fair market appraisal, financing deals die, divorces go unsettled, tax grievances get overturned, and court cases are lost. Don’t let carelessness and incompetency be the cause of this. Our staff of veteran appraisers cover the entire state of New York. Having completed 50,000 appraisals, we have encountered all types of assignments and have the answers you need for even the most complex appraisals.

New York Appraisers

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